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My Colorado Land Photos


To see the whole background image, you need a monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution.







This particular background photo image was taken by me and shows my actual land property.  Of course, you can see well beyond my five acres of land.  The photo was taken when I stood on the edge of the dirt road fronting my land.  The view is looking toward the north, northeast in the late afternoon.  Spectacular Mount Blanca is also seen with the mountain's tallest peak at over 14,000 feet in it's height above sea level. Wow, what a view I will have to wake up to every morning.



Oh yeah, it's all part of the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  This south central part of the state is located in an area what is called the San Luis Valley.  Ironically, the subdivision where my land is located was named after the valley, called the San Luis Valley Ranches.  I think I'm falling in love with the Colorado Rockies.



The whole San Luis Valley is so beautiful at anytime, but especially in the late evening.  I really love it out there and I can hardly wait to move onto my 5 acre land property.  It very rarely gets uncomfortably hot in the valley, even on the hottest days of summer.  The hottest daytime high average in July is only 81 degrees F and with a very low humidity level.  The valley floor's elevation averages 7,500 feet above sea level.  It's one of the largest alpine valleys in the world.  It's width spans 55 miles across at the narrowest point and the valley's length is 122 miles long.  The land mass of the valley covers an area of approximately 8,000 square miles.  Also the nation's 2nd largest water aquifier is located underneath the San Luis Valley floor.

















The photos displayed below are of my land and have been personally taken by me.  The white car seen in most of the photos is of a rental car that I've rented from the Denver International Airport.  It was a long drive from the airport to get to the south central part of Colorado where my land is located.  The drive was about 200 miles one way.  The dirt road fronting my land is county maintained and the service is excellent.  The very small community of Blanca is located about 5 miles to the east of my subdivision entranceway on county highway 160.  The small town of Alamosa is located about 20 miles to the west of my subdivision entranceway on county highway 160 and has a Wal-Mart Supercenter for convenience.





       A view looking toward the north, with my land on the other side of car, barely seen on the left.



A view looking toward the north, with my land on the passenger side of car.



A view looking toward the north east, with the front right side orange marker bucket barely visible on my land.



A view looking toward the east on 7th street, with the front left orange marker bucket clearly visible.




A view looking toward the west on 7th street, with my land on the passenger side of car.




A view looking toward the north east, with my land on the other side of the dirt road (7th street).




A view looking towards the north, with my land on the other side of the car and orange markers are barely visible.




A view looking toward the north east, with the left front orange marker bucket on my land clearly visible.



A view looking toward the south, with me standing in the middle of my land when I took this photo.



Yeah baby, my Land!