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My Colorado Land Info


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This particular background image you see here was taken from inside the San Luis Valley Ranches subdivision where my land property is located.  My actual land is very near this view.  The plotted subdivision is huge.  As you can see here, it was a beautiful sunny day.

























Good Reasons for Owning this Land in Colorado.


The good reasons for owning this land in Costilla County, Colorado are plenty.  The main reason is for the very pleasant summer daytime high temperature with sunny skies through out most of the year.  The relatively cool summers should eliminate the need for air conditioning and the requirement of having a powerful solar powered electrical system to run it.  Only a small system will be needed to run fans and other small appliances.  Even though the whole San Luis Valley where my land is located, is in the desert, don't let that fool you into thinking it's hot.  My land property is in the cool high desert, unlike most deserts that are extremely hot.


Considering the high altitude of my land property at over 7,000 feet above sea level, the summer evening temperature should start to cool off fairly quickly after 7:00 p.m.  The low humidity should help make the summer daytime high temperature feel nice and cooler than what it really is.  Staying comfortably cool should not be a problem.


The large size of five acres that my land property has should provide some distance and privacy from any future neighbors.  I also like the ideal that there shouldn't be too many snakes around for at least half of each year.  That's because the temperature ranges from cool to cold for about half of the year, and snakes are cold blooded.  They do not like the cold and neither do I, but I think it's better than being too hot.  There's one thing I can't stand and that is sweating from hot weather. Sweating might be good for you they say, but I'd still rather prefer to be comfortable or even cold than being hot and sweaty, especially when I'm trying to sleep at night.  I won't have to worry about that here in Costilla County.


The winters will be very cold here, but it will be worth it.  I'll just have to wear several layers of warm clothing and stay warm indoors whenever possible.  There will be several blankets on my bed in addition to an electric warming blanket.  I've learned just how cold this area of Colorado can get in the middle of winter.  Because of the high altitude above sea level, it can get extremely cold at times on rare occasions.  After all, it's in the Rockies.  I will also use propane gas to heat the house or mobile home trailer on the coldest days of winter.  Ideally, I would like to keep the inside temperature at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but not hotter than 75.  I believe global warming is really happening and I think it's only going to get worse.  Living here on my land property should be a perfect place to escape that potential problem.


The crystal clear night time sky in this part of Colorado should provide a good view of the heavenly stars above for stargazing, or at least in the area.  The occasional beautiful snowfall will make the surrounding near by mountain range and my land turn into a spectacular winter wonderland.


Since there are at least 265 ultra clear bright sunny days on average a year, it's a great location for using a solar powered system with photovoltaic solar electric panel modules and a battery bank. Once again, only a small system will be needed, mostly for home lighting.  Also it can power a small LCD-HDTV, a DVD player, Blu Ray disc player, a small to medium sized stereo, CB radio, air traffic radio scanner, short wave radio, a desktop computer, portable room fans, the water pump and other small appliances.  The solar panel system does need to be large enough to support my use of an AC powered electric warming blanket all night long and then some.


My solar powered system will consist of several solar panel modules that make up an array and will charge up a battery bank of 4 large sized deep cycle 12-volt batteries with AGM technology.  Each battery will be connected in a series circuit to make up a 48-volt system.  Having a higher 48-volt system rather than a 12 or 24-volt system will provide much higher efficiency.  A battery bank will allow me to use the stored electrical power day or night.


A special high quality 48-volt power inverter with a true sine wave frequency for clean stable power, will be connected to the battery bank.  The battery bank will be stored at least 20 feet away from outside the house or trailer in a well-insulated box.


The power inverter converts the 48-volt DC power from the battery bank into a common 120 volts AC house power for use in the house or trailer.  This power should be cleaner and more reliable than any commercial power company.  The only problem is that the power from my system will be limited and won't have enough amperage or wattage to power high drain appliances such as a refrigerator or hot water heater.  I will have to buy foods that do not require refrigeration.  For hot water, I'll have to use a propane-powered model water heater.  I will be able to use a small microwave oven (600 watts or less), because it’s only used for minutes at a time and not all day.


I will have to be totally and completely independent of any commercial power company, because there is no commercial electric power service available in the immediate area.


Now lets talk about natural disasters that may or may not affect my land property.  It will probably never flood in the mountain valley where my land is located, considering the valley floor is over 7,000 feet above sea level.  I will never have to worry about flooding because of global warming either.


There's no worry of any forest or wild fires since there are very few trees in the area.  There's little risk of earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, but absolutely no risk of hurricanes, landslides, avalanches or floods of any kind.  Even though tornadoes are a slight possible risk, they are fairly rare at high altitudes.


Avalanches are not a risk, because my land property is just far enough away from the nearest mountain.  The same thing applies to the risk of flooding from melting snow off the mountains.  My land is safely far enough away from the mountains to have any flood risk.


Another good reason for owning this land is the fairly low risk of dangerous lightning from thunderstorms.  Its ideally overall the perfect location to own land property and it's zoned residential.  For convenience, there's a Wal-Mart Super Center Store in the small town of Alamosa, only 21 miles distance away from my land property.


It's a secure feeling to know that my land is far away from any international border.  I have learned that serious crime is below average in Costilla County where my land property is located. Being compared to other counties in Colorado and counties in other states, the crime rate is fairly low. 


I should also not have to ever worry about killer bees, as the bees do not like the cold climate.  Yet another good reason for living on this land property is that I will not need to drink near as much water as I would need too if I lived in a much warmer climate elsewhere.


Keep in mind that I might be safer out here on my Colorado land property than I would be in any other location of the country, if there were ever to be (God forbid) a nuclear attack on America.  Maybe the mountains would provide some kind of shielding protection blockage of the nuclear blast wave and help keep me safe.


One sensible reason to live here on this land compared to Florida, where I live now, is that there should be no sinkhole risk of anykind to worry about.  I really can't think of any bad reasons or problems for owning and living on this land property, except for one.  It's not really a problem, but there's a chance of not finding water from drilling a well.  There has been conflicting information online that some say it's hard to find water and others say it's fairly easy.  I've decided I really don't need a well for water anyway.  Instead, I'll simply have a 1,000-gallon water storage cistern tank buried under ground.  The water will be brought in on a truck.  I can buy 1,000 gallons of water for about $40 or less from local venders or dealers that are in the area.  This will save me thousands of dollars from not having to drill a well.    


There are a few more good reasons for living on this land property.  The mostly clear blue skies throughout the year is perfect for watching jetliners with binoculars and my land property just happens to be in a location area of very active high altitude air traffic crossings.  I will want to use my air band scanner to listen in on their communications.


I think the most important feature of my land is the dirt road access that fronts my land property. It's in excellent condition and my land is not too far from the hard paved highway.  It's a wide smooth dirt road and is maintained by the county for free.  The dirt road is relatively flush and level with my land, making it easy to put in a driveway.


If there's ever a property owners association, I should be exempt from it, since I will have already owned the land before any association ever begins, and I'll be grand-fathered in.  This is especially true because my deed title mentions nothing of any owners association.


There's one thing I really like about Costilla County, and that is, the county shows records of recorded land warranty deed titles online from the Costilla County website.  It clearly shows that I am the property owner, and other related information.  I'll just be glad when I can pay my property taxes online.  Maybe someday they will have that option?


There's one final good reason for owning this land property.  I have no immediate neighbors so far.  




 Location Maps of My Colorado Land Property 






 My future house plan.






Detailed Information about My Colorado Land


My land location and legal description is Unit 4, Block 2, Lot 14 on 7th Street in Costilla County.

The subdivision my land is in is called San Luis Valley Ranches Subdivision.

The dimensions of my 5-acre land is 330' X 660' feet.

The square feet of my 5-acre land is 217,800 square feet.

The altitude of the subdivision is about 7,700' feet above sea level.

The average yearly snowfall is 15.8 inches for the Blanca area.

Precipitation on average per year is 66 days for the Blanca area.

The average yearly rainfall is 10.9 inches.

The record high temperature is 97F and the record low is -38F.

My land is in zip code 81152 and Blanca is in zip code 81123.

Costilla County's population as of 2005 was 3,424 people. 

The land is zoned Rural Residential Acreage.

Don't forget, in Colorado, rainwater collection is illegal.

My land parcel ID number is 70342910.

Yearly property tax is $86.88.

My recorded Warranty Deed (title) arrived in the mail from Costilla County on the date of July 24, 2006.

The Warranty Deed (title) was made (created) on the date of July 11, 2006.

Colorado was the 38th state to come into state hood and is called the Centennial State.

Only fifteen gallons of water per minute capacity, per five acres, allowed to be pumped from well.

A Wal-Mart Super Center retail store in Alamosa is located exactly 21 miles distance from my land property.

There are 290 sunny days on average, annually for the Blanca area.

The small town of San Luis is the County Seat.

Water Wells in the area are about 110' feet deep on average, but can go as far as 300' feet deep.

The restricted subdivision covenant and county code for the minimum of a house (home) to be built is 864 square feet and that house has to be at least 24' X 36' for the dimensions.

The amount of persons per square mile for Costilla County is 3.0 people.