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I wish I lived in a tropical paradise such as Hawaii and I definately would if I had my way.  Instead, I live with my parents in the central part of Florida, not too far from Tampa.  For me, it's close as I can get to paradise.   I will eventually have to settle for my beautiful Colorado land to move onto whenever I move out and leave the nest.  I know it's not tropical there, but it is a mountain paradise. 


I still haven't ruled out Alaska yet as an alternate place to live, so I could change my mind and live there.  A very small town called Tok, Alaska is so tempting because there is a lot of freedom and no taxes of anykind.  Also you don't need a building permit to build anything on your land anywhere in the Tok area.  There's no codes and the whole area is un-incorperated.  You can pretty much do whatever you like out there.  Not only that, but it gets even better.  The state law requires the petroluem industry to pay every citizen a dividend every year just to live in Alaska.  It's usually over $1,000 each year per residence I think, or maybe it's per person?     


I have visited the small town of Tok once before and I have found the local people to be very friendly.  The scenery is so spectacular in Alaska.  There is a few threats though.  It gets dangerously cold and a real risk of earth quakes exists.  Wild fires are also a real risk.  Even so, it still might be worth the freedom.  If you don't like snakes or any reptiles, this is the place to live because there are none in the wild.  It's too cold for them.  Just keep the wood heater fired up and you should be alright for yourself.         






My e-mail address is bobbyknight1970@yahoo.com



I've been requested by family members to have the web page entitled My Family Photo Album to be secured by a username and password.  If you happen to be a friend or family member who would like to have access to view that page, please ask me.  You can e-mail me a request for the username and password, then I will send it to you.  My e-mail address is just above this paragraph.  Thanks for your understanding.






 Picture comming soon.

This is me and my brand new Ibanez electric guitar.  I don't even know how to play it yet, but I plan on start learning real soon.  I have bought a few distortion pedals for my guitar already.  A pedal makes the guitar sound completely different with a strong and heavy sound, as in heavy metal music and hard rock.  Any guitar without a pedal will sound weak and thin ( plain and boring ).  They call it a pedal because it's a small device that sits on the floor and the power switch is foot operated.     












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Please visit my site again for the latest and greatest, as I often continue updating or adding more content.  Thanks and enjoy.





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Just below is a link to My Extremely Important Data Information that I've saved to an online file storage site.  Don't worry, it's password protected and highly encrypted.  The encrytption technology used is government (military) level quality, so don't even try it.  This link is intended for me as a back-up obviously.








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